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SHINE MASK LED does not have any side effects from product’s safety

<Hot Flush>

SHINE MASK LED is a product which is used by connecting to an adapter.

A Hot Flush may increase by breathing and little heating from machine itself.

Occasionally, extremely sensitive dry skin may experience dryness and flush on the face due to heating while using the product. In such case, decrease irradiance quantity to Step 1 or use once every 2~3 days.

<Healing Crisis>

SHINE MASK LED is a skin training machine which revitalize skin cell in a thick skin layer. Less than approximately 5% of customers may experience various Healing Crisis reactions such as one-off acne (Pus, Bumps, Pimples) or opened spore including red spots or roughness of the skin or dead skin cells while delivering the cosmetic deep inside or revitalizing the skin cell.

In such cases, take a break from using the product until the most of skin condition returns to before using the product. When reusing the product, decrease the irradiance quantity or adjust irradiance frequency to see positive effect of improved skin after getting used to the product.

<Electromagnetic Waves>

The product is made by considering the wave length and time zone which are not harmful when they are used on human body.

Therefore, the product is certified for its safety and you do not have to give a special concern.

When you use the product, it is fine to use basic product with specific ingredient.

However, as sunblock ingredient blocks light or heat; you may have difficulty experiencing the effectiveness of SHINE MASK LED.

We recommend that you use the product which contain sunblock ingredient after using the SHINE MASK LED.

The delivery charge for the product varies depending on country and region when you purchase the SHINE MASK LED from our Official Website.

If you inquire using the Inquiry Bulletin Board, we will guide you promptly.

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