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The effectiveness of Near-Infrared Ray has been verified by NASA as well as in numerous thesis and investigations for decades.

The reason why SHINE MASK LED adopted Near-Infrared Ray was because from the light that is useful and effective in deriving stimulating reaction by reaching deeply inside the skin, Near-Infrared Ray is the optimal light.

Near-Infrared Ray, which is warm and invisible deeply stimulates hardened, aged thick skin layer and cells through skin training process. We have adopted Near-Infrared Ray to Face&Scalp Exclusive Beauty Device to give numerous effects such as moisturizing, elasticity, clean and transparent skin as well as healthy scalp.

From conventional LED masks which have been released so far, SHINE MASK LED is the only mask which independently adopted LED Skin Care Technology by <Step>.

You can adjust the strength of Near-Infrared Ray output by Step depending on user’s skin condition and skin type.

SHINE MASK LED’s 1st Step is recommended for people with thin and sensitive skin as well as first time users for LED MASK.

If you allow the skin to get adjusted to Near-Infrared Ray care, you will experience a positive effect for a long period.

We recommend you to use 2nd Step and 3rd Step after getting used to SHINE MASK LED’s 1st Step.

SHINE MASK’s LED Chip has been chosen from a material that can be used for a long period. On average, the lifespan of LED Chip is approximately 10,000 hours. However, substantially; you can use for approximately 20,000 hours.

If you constantly use Step 2 for 17 Minutes per day, you can use for approximately 35,000 times or 96 years.

SHINE MASK LED used adapter connection method instead of recharge method to preserve machine’s lifespan and the effect of LED Chip.

With one purchase, retain a healthy and beautiful skin for a long period.

The speed of stimulation and improvement on our skin varies due to factors such as environmental variable and individual characteristics.

SHINE MASK LED’s senior researchers have made the product for managing optimal skin condition by considering irradiance quantity and irradiance strength for numerous years during the research period.

Subtle Near-Infrared Ray’s Wavelength stimulates hardened and aged cells to make a healthy skin which spontaneously resolve various skin problems to show visible effectiveness.

Therefore, SHINE MASK LED brings the best effectiveness when it is used constantly on a daily basis instead of giving an excessive stress to the skin by consecutive usage or stop using the product all of sudden and having a long gap period before reusing the product that may decrease the skin condition.

Even after the improvement, please use constantly to retain healthy skin for a long period.

SHINE MASK LED is the only mask in Korea that can equip and unequip eye cover so it is easy to breathe. For a smoother breathing, adjust the head string sufficiently by letting the end of the mask to slightly drape to the chin and allow the head string to reach the back of the head. The head string will hold the mask and secures sufficient space for smooth breathing while you are laid.

SHINE MASK LED does not sell separate skin care product. Therefore, customers can try their own product and use SHINE MASK LED at the last Step.

SHINE MASK LED’s Near-Infrared Ray’s permeating effect and warm thermal effect can bring a synergy effect with active ingredient inside the product by penetrating the ingredient deep inside.

With SHINE MASK LED, use any skin care product effectively and specially.

It is a design where it can be used on scalp without any problem by comfortably wearing on the hair. After shampooing, remove the moisture on the hair with a towel. Then, apply your hair catalyst care product evenly and use SHINE MASK LED.

SHINE MASK LED’s Near-Infrared Ray Chip delivers catalyst’s useful ingredients evenly and deeply inside the thick skin layer to give synergy effect for scalp care.

120 Near-Infrared Ray Chip improves the blood flow in scalp’s deep skin layer, evenly delivers care product’s active ingredient deep inside the deep skin layer to improve scalp and hair root which may sag and untangle weakly and holds tightly to prevent hair loss.

Hair loss is a phenomenon caused by the speed of hair loss being faster than the speed of hair production. Therefore, SHINE MASK LED’s hair loss prevention effect delays the speed of hair loss compared to the speed of hair production to help retain healthy and abundant hair.

Through powerful and inflated scalp care which is not only limited to the face, experience abundant hair care and fast skin elasticity effect at the same time.

If an electronic gadget is produced based on a recharge type, the lifespan of the machine decreases and the effect may decrease as well. By considering such factors, SHINE MASK LED is produced with adapter connecting method so that customers can use semi-permanently.

As the product is not recharged by connecting the power directly, please use it by connecting to an adapter.

When a customer underwent various surgical procedures such as BOTOX or Filler, customer may use it after the stable period (Maximum 2~3 Weeks) guided by the hospital per surgical procedure. The reason we recommend this is not because the product gives decreased effect for the surgical procedure or decreased duration period for the surgical procedure.

SHINE MASK LED may not give particular reaction to an outer layer by only using once or twice. However, through vitalization of the skin cell deep inside thick skin layer or improved effect of blood flow, the inner skin is stimulated.

(*May vary by person)

Therefore, just like you were guided with precautions from the hospital after undergoing the surgical procedure (Including the laser) such as refraining from consuming alcohol, cigarettes and using sauna for few days; it is a recommendation to prevent potential trouble beforehand such as increased stress on skin that may derive from using the beauty machine.

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